police brutality
Whitechapel cops pictured last week as they move in to arrest a man accused of not having a TV licence

Three Chinese students are considering taking legal action, after claiming that they were subjected to savage beatings by a number of officers at Whitechapel police station, following their arrest for alleged disorderly conduct after a night out in the area last month.

One of the men told The Whelk in an exclusive interview. “We had just left a nightclub in Aldgate and were making our way back to Whitechapel tube station. I fully admit that we may have been a little bit loud as we’d been drinking quite heavily and were in good spirits. A passing police car spotted my friend urinating in a shop doorway and all three of us were arrested and taken to a nearby police station.

“At first the officers were absolutely fine and even made a few good natured jokes about our condition. They told us we’d be issued with a caution and released first thing in the morning.

“It was only after the desk sergeant asked for our names that the mood changed. Without warning, we were dragged to a cell, where we were wrapped in mattresses and then beaten with truncheons for around five minutes or more. We were then stripped of our clothing and left in a cell.

“After an hour or so, another officer entered and turned a freezing cold hosepipe on us. Female officers were then brought to the cell who began laughing and pointing at our shrivelled genitalia. Eventually, at around 6.00am, we were given back our clothing and allowed to go free. It was a dreadful experience and has changed the way myself and my friends think about the British bobby for ever”

The three men are due to appear at Bow Street Magistrates Court in January of next year and have been named as Fuk Yu Sun, Lik My Dik, and Yu Fat Fuk, all aged 23, and originally from Wang Kin Province in Northern China; but who are currently residing in Cockermouth in Cumbria.