Condoleezza Rice appears to be clearing an ear-way of bath water before denying the claims last night


A middle-aged bricklayer from Whitechapel in East London, told reporters last night that former US Secretary Of State, Condoleezza Rice, burst into his bathroom while he was in the bath and pulled the plug out before running off laughing.

Toby Wickenden, 42, said “I had only just got into the bath, and was just about to begin washing my hair, when the bathroom door flew open and Condoleezza Rice rushed in and pulled the plug out. She looked crazed and disheveled and my first thought was that she’d been drinking.

She then threw the plug against the wall and ran off laughing. I don’t mind admitting I was pretty shaken. I mean it’s not the sort of behaviour you’d expect from a woman of her standing is it? I suppose I should be grateful she didn’t try to rape me”

When Ms Rice was asked about the allegation as she left a Republican Party gathering in Washington DC, she became shifty and somewhat guarded, saying: “You’re kidding me right? Are you crazy? Why on earth would I do that?”

This latest news comes just days after a 50-year-old woman from Bethnal Green, East London, told police that former American vice president, Al Gore, had reached behind her shower curtain and turned the radio up full blast before kicking her up the arse.