Danny pictured recuperating last night under the watchful eye of friends and well-wishers

There was outrage among the journalistic community last night after it was revealed that a young sub-editor on The Whitechapel Whelk newspaper had been dragged from his barstool in The Blind Beggar public house by a number of foreign tourists who then forcibly held the struggling youngster while they took a number of selfies alongside him.

Danny SoZ, 19, was then returned to the bar in an exhausted and highly agitated state where he required constant attention from the barmaid; who claims it took more than 6 pints of strong lager and a number of vodka and tonics with ice and lemon to calm the confused and distressed newsman.

Soz’s fellow Whelk hack; features and graphics editor, ‘The Artful Dodger’ hit out angrily when told of the incident: “Don’t these bloody people realise that to take a journalist – particularly one as young as Danny – from his natural environment like that is extremely dangerous. He could have died of dehydration out there in the street, or worse still, missed last orders and had to go into the off-licence for a few cans of premium strength lager on the way back to the office. It’s totally irresponsible and has to be put a stop to before a newspaperman ends up unable to get a proper skinful under his belt before sending copy for the evening edition”

The British Wildlife Fund last night lent their support to the argument: “It’s one thing to drag baby sharks and dolphins out of the ocean for selfies but to abuse a beautiful and largely peaceful creature like a sub-editor and cynically prevent him from tucking into his lunchtime grog goes way beyond the pale in our view”

Soz was last night said to be recuperating in The Lord Rodney’s Head, Whitechapel Road and was said by friends and well-wishers to be well on the road to chronic alcoholism.