ugly cat
Mr Carter’s cat pictured looking shaken last night


A 43-year-old cat owner from Whitechapel in East London claimed last night that his cat had received a number of sickening messages via the social media website, Twitter, from Russian president, Vladimir Putin.

Mr Terry Carter, a painter and decorator, told reporters that the alleged abuse began after he posted a photograph of his cat on the site 3 weeks ago.

Looking shaken and with the cat nestling on his lap, Mr Terry told The Whitechapel Whelk: “It started innocuously enough I suppose. Mr Putin sent me a tweet saying “Is that your cat? It’s not as nice as some of the cats we have here in Moscow”

“Then his messages became more abusive. He sent one saying “Your cat is in shit state my friend. I would like to imprison it” He then sent a series of tweets telling me how he’d like to beat my cat around the head and body with a stick.

“Things finally came to a head last Tuesday when he tweeted “Your cat is a little turd. I am going to send a KGB man to kill it with a poisoned umbrella”

“I’ve now blocked Mr Putin on Twitter and have also removed him from my Facebook friends list but his words still haunt me. I have also taken the precaution of locking my cat in the basement to be on the safe side. I’ll probably keep him there until Mr Putin either dies or is removed from office by The Politburo”

This latest revelation comes just 2 weeks after a woman from Lambeth in South London, made the claim that Zimbabwean leader, President Robert Mugabe, had called her dog “a fat fuck” on Instagram.