trump with spade meme
Mr Chump pictured in determined mood earlier


A 55-year-old man living illegally in Whitechapel, East London, has been ordered by the borough to give up his single plot allotment after he launched a hate-filled tirade of anti-British abuse towards a number of his fellow plot holders.

Ronald Chump, unemployed, entered the country without a work permit from The United States in October 2015 and was earning a living as a knife-grinder and street entertainer before he moved onto a vacant allotment in December where he set up home in a shed which he built from discarded pallets and sheets of corrugated iron.

One of his fellow plot holders, Mr Toby Dell, 85, described Chump’s behaviour as “disgusting and anti-British” Mr Dell told The Whitechapel Whelk: “It was a wonderful allotment before Mr Chump arrived. Everybody was friendly and helpful and a joy to be around. Then Mr Chump arrived and started hurling disgusting, anti-British abuse at people. He called my wife a big fat loser when she was sowing some early King Edward potatoes and kept shouting out that I was a goddamn limey sonofabitch and was constantly telling me to go back to my own damn country. I wouldn’t mind, but I was born in Aldgate just 2 miles down the road”

Mr Chump is contesting the decision to evict him from the plot and has begun work on a wall which he claims will: “Keep those goddamn limey fucks off of my spread”