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It’s a little known fact that the late Nancy Reagan was an accomplished and fearsome bare knuckle boxer who remained undefeated throughout her 107 fight career until she was finally stopped in the 37th round of a grueling battle against British prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, in the back garden of 10 Downing Street in 1888.

Nancy, however, did have many famous victories, including a first round knockout against Lenny ‘The Guvnor’ McClean at The York Hall, Bethnal Green in 1960, and a hard fought 24th round stoppage of Mother Theresa in the legendary Rumble In The Rose Garden, in which the previously undefeated champion of the poor and destitute went down on one knee and failed to beat the count after taking a series of concussive shots to the temple and a sickening blow to the solar plexus.

Nancy was also an accomplished actress who played The Black Dalek in Dr Who for 25 years until she fell down a flight of stairs in a scene in which she was trying to exterminate that Doctor Who with the long scarf and funny hat.

Despite a number of health scares throughout the early 1900s when she contracted Swamp Fever, Yaws and Beri Beri;  resulting in her being fitted with a wooden lung, Nancy continued to act and box as an amateur for the next 30 years, until she was knocked out with a roundhouse right cross by Dame Judy Dench during a sizzling, girl on girl sex scene in A Passage To India in 1927.

Perhaps her most lasting legacy will be her immense portrayal of The Duke of Wellington in the classic 1930s epic: Generals In Suspenders, and her stunning 3rd round knockout victory over Chairman Mao at The Rialto Ballroom, Shoreditch in 1897 when she rose from the canvas and caught the Chinese dictator on the point of the jaw using her famous bolo punch.

Source: The Bare Knuckle Thespian Bugle