The scene is the visiting area in Wormwood Scrubbs prison in West London. Gaz, wearing prison overalls, is seated at a table in the corner. Clivey enters the room and sits down opposite his old friend.

Gaz – “Hello mate, how are you?”
Clivey – “Sweet as a nut pal”
Gaz – “Nice of you to pay me a visit”
Clivey – “Well, they’re letting you out this afternoon so I thought I’d pop in before it was too late.”
Gaz – “What you doing these days bruv?”
Clivey – “As it happens Gaz, I’ve started beekeeping”
Gaz – “Oh yeah? What, in your back garden”
Clivey – “Yeah”
Gaz –  “How’s that work then?”
Clivey – “I let them out, about six in the evening, they go over to the local park, gather the nectar, bring it back, and I take the honey’

Gaz lapses into deep thought

Gaz –  “You’re telling pork pies mate”
Clivey –  “How so bruv?”
Gaz –  “That park shuts at five in the evening”
Clivey –  “Yeah, but I know where there’s a hole in the fence…”
Gaz –  “Lovely job. Cup of tea son?”

Clivey & Gaz are currently appearing at the underground car park beneath Tescos in Wapping High Street where they will be signing autographs and stealing cars on request.