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Google Plus pictured last night



Officers from the Metropolitan Police yesterday reported, that the remains of a body – believed to be that of a male in his mid-40s – have been found in the largely defunct social networking site, Google Plus.

The badly decomposed body was discovered by a woman who was posting some pictures of herself, taken while out walking her dog yesterday evening.

Tracy Dell, a 27-year-old shop assistant from Whitechapel, East London, told us: “Like most people, I rarely, if ever, use Google Plus, but on a whim, I went back to see if my account was still active. While I was in there I downloaded a few snaps I had taken earlier while out with the dog. It was then that I spotted what I initially took to be a bundle of old clothes in the bottom-left-hand corner of my screen. When I zoomed in for a closer look, I saw a human hand sticking out from beneath the bundle and immediately called the police”

A Scotland Yard spokesman said last night: “Human remains of a middle-aged male were discovered yesterday in the Google Plus site by a female account holder. At this point, we cannot say if there were suspicious circumstance involved, but initial reports seem to point towards death by loneliness and boredom”

This latest incident comes just two weeks after a 30-year-old woman from Oregon in The United States was found hanged in the blogging site, WordPress. Police believe she took her own life following a lukewarm response from fellow bloggers to her latest laughable attempt at poetry.