clint meme

A 45-year-old woman from Whitechapel last night told The Whitechapel Whelk that movie legend, Clint Eastwood, used a hand on a spring to move her pie from one side of her plate to the other as she enjoyed a traditional pie and mash supper in a local eaterie on Saturday afternoon.

Mrs Jade Dell, a hairdresser, and mother of five, looked visibly shaken as she told us of her terrifying encounter with the 107-year-old Dirty Harry star: “I’d been doing some shopping nearby and was feeling quite hungry, so I popped into the local pie and mash shop for a feed before going home.

“I ordered a double pie and mash with liquor and had just sat down at a table when Clint Eastwood came in. He went up to the counter and got himself a plate of stewed eels and mash. He sat down at a table the other side of the aisle and started tucking in.

“Suddenly, he produced a hand on a spring and began extending it towards my plate. Before I could stop him, he moved my pie to the opposite side of  the plate, retracted the hand on a spring and tucked it back inside his coat.

“I yelled at him and told him he was out of order, but he just narrowed his eyes and stared back at me. To be honest I was absolutely terrified in case he was armed with a magnum or something. Eventually, he stood up, tossed some coins onto the counter and walked out without a word. It’s a day I won’t forget in a long time and no mistake”

This distressing incident mirrors the occasion in 1943, when screen goddess, Bette Davis, snatched a handful of fries from the plate of a London taxi driver in a roadside cafe in Barking Road before shoving them down her knickers