A bitter slice of satire from our brother’s-in-bile right here folks. The guy who wrote this must be a real hardcore bastard with a stiletto for a pen and immaculate dress sense.

The League of Mental Men!

gettyimages-488477320 A rescuer gives succour to a wounded youngster in Aleppo yesterday afternoon

A doctor at a hospital in the beleaguered town of Aleppo in Syria spoke of his grief last night as he struggled to come to terms with the death of music legend,  Prince, who passed away at his home yesterday, aged 57.

Cradling the broken body of a 3-year-old girl, killed just hours earlier in a government forces airstrike, Dr Ahmood Analfisi, 22, broke down repeatedly as he spoke of the latest addition to the steady procession of celebrities that have died since the beginning of the year.

“It was bad enough when Lemmy out of Motorhead was so cruelly taken from us” he said, blinking back tears. “Then it was that bloke out of The Eagles, followed by David Bowie, and, perhaps, most devastating of all; Grizzly Adams! How I’m going to break the news that Prince…

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