violet venal


Dear Violet

I am a downstairs scullery maid in a large London house owned by a prominent justice of the peace and member of The Rotary Club. My employer and his wife are kindly folk who treat me extremely well. However, their son is a disreputable rake who, one night, entered my bedchamber and made free with my virtue. I now find myself with child and I’m at my wit’s end with worry. Should I tell the master and mistress of my plight or leave my employ and go home to my parents and face their anger at my condition?

Rosie Biggins


West London


Dear Rosie

You wicked, wicked girl! You most assuredly must have inflamed this poor wretched young man; no doubt by flaunting your charms like a common street harlot! You have behaved like a common beast of the field and only misery and destitution await you and your wretched bastard progeny.

You will make a full apology to the family you have wronged and then you may contact me again when I shall send you my fallen women’s home abortionist kit containing a bottle of gin and a knitting needle. If this doesn’t work you should immerse yourself in boiling water and then throw yourself down the stairs.

Good day to you and may The Lord have mercy on your wicked soul you brazen little hussy.

Violet Venal (Miss)

Violet appears courtesy of Popular Chastity Belt incorporating Onanism Monthly