dog food
A tin of dog food that nobody’s ever heard of pictured last night


It is being widely reported by a number of global media outlets that a 43-year-old woman, from Whitechapel, has taken advantage of a “buy one get one free” offer in a local branch of the Tesco supermarket chain.

It is believed that the incident took place on or around the beginning of March this year, when the woman – who is now avoiding the media glare by staying with relatives – bought two tins of Tesco Prime Meaty Chunks dog food for her Springer Spaniel, ‘Toby’, and yet, due to an attractive, in-store special offer, only paid the amount normally charged by the store for one can.

A spokesperson for Tescos issued a brief statement last night: “Yes, it’s absolutely true that this woman took advantage of a special offer at our Whitechapel branch. However, at the same time, we’d like to point out that we as a company cannot accept responsibility for the choices made by our customers. In the final analysis, we’re just happy to take their money from them

This incident comes just two weeks after a man from Cripplegate was spotted buying 2lbs of Cumberland sausages at a 20% discount in his local branch of Sainsbury’s

Source: Popular Greengrocer & Sex Dungeon Monthly