Under threat! Some innocent youngsters pictured late last night.


In what police are calling a “callous and heinous act”, armed raiders entered a bank in Sidney, Australia yesterday and stole over 100 thousand dollars; just 10,571 miles from a Whitechapel infants school where over fifty, 4 to 7-year old youngsters were playing outside in the spring sunshine.

Speaking to The Whitechapel Whelk, Detective Inspector Toby Carter, said last night: “In all my 27 years in the force I have never come across a case that has shocked me like this one. These ruthless individuals clearly had no qualms about carrying out this crime with innocent youngsters less than eleven thousand miles away. I just hope they’re apprehended and locked away before any more innocent young lives are put at risk”

This latest shocking incident comes just two weeks after a woman had her bag snatched in Beijing while, just 5068 miles away, a 3-year-old tot was being pushed to the local shops by its mother in Bromley-By-Bow.