“Ok. Where’s all them little Sabine honey’s at?”


United Kingdom Independence Party leader, Nigel Farage, was facing a storm of criticism last night after describing Britain voting to remain in the European Union in the forthcoming referendum as akin to the infamous rape of the Sabine women in 750BC being perpetrated by Megatron out of Transformers instead of the Romans.

The right-wing UKIP leader told The Whitechapel Whelk: “For my money, if Britain votes to stay in Europe it will be nothing short of a disaster and akin to Megatron out of Transformers raping the Sabine women with his big metal nob”

Farage’s outburst is the latest in a long line of negative and increasingly extreme analogies from the warring EU referendum protagonists; with Brexit campaigner-in-chief, Boris Johnson, comparing the EU to Hitler’s Nazis, and Prime Minister, David Cameron’s grim warning that an exit vote would condemn Europe to World War III.

Even TV presenters were joining in the furore, led by Sky News front man, Eamonn Holmes: “If we stay in Europe it will be as bad as West Ham fans stoning the Manchester United team bus in the midst of the Hillsborough disaster with dead bodies lying everywhere”, the fat turd told us last night.