bat can & rob tin meme

It was 2.30pm on a stultifyingly hot June day and Bat Can and his youthful ward, Rob Tin, were being transported by truck from a Whitechapel wholesaler to Mr Pateks Asian goods store in neighbouring Bromley By Bow.

Without warning, the truck screeched to a halt and the rear shutter was hauled up. Four masked men burst in and began filling holdalls with various grocery items and cans of fizzy drink. It quickly became clear to The Delicatessen Duo that they had no intention of paying for the items.

Bat Can knew that it was time for the two crimebusters to ditch their mild-mannered, aluminium alter-egos and to spring into immediate action in order to thwart the lawless fiends. Unfortunately, due to the fact that they were inanimate tins of beans, they were forced to look on in vain as the raiders made off with their valuable booty.

Next Week: Bat Can is powerless to help as Mr Pateks store gets turned over by his arch-foe, The Jolly Green Giant