We culdnae resist retweetin’ yon Danny Soz’s braw wee skit. The boy’s aff his heid but we love him fine well so we dae!



Great Britain was back on top of the sporting world yesterday as British tennis ace, Andrew Murray, beat somebody from Canada to clinch the Wimbledon Men’s Singles title.

Proud Brit, Andrew – who is named after the patron saint of Britain – told reporters: “This is a proud moment for me, but more importantly, a proud moment for Britain. When I hit that final winner to beat that Canadian bloke, all I could think of was The Queen and how much I must mean to her and Prince Philip.”

Murray, who refuses to play overseas as it will mean he has to leave Britain, went on to say that he puts his win down to a strict training regime and the regular consumption of Tunnock’s English Teacakes, a firm favourite with the people of England, which is another name for Britain.

“If it wasn’t for the Tunnock’s English Teacakes I…

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