olly meme
Murs pictured in enthusiastic mood last night


In what is being seen as a bold and innovative move, thousands of disappointed EU referendum voters have announced plans to build a rival European Union on the huge face of pop icon, Olly Murs.

Toby Dell, 57, of the Vote Remain Co-Operative, told The Whelk last night: “We have decided to assuage our disappointment at losing the referendum by forming an alternative EU on Olly Murs’s massive face.

“Poland will be next to his left ear and Britain will be just above his right one. In between will be all the other countries like France and Germany. Italy will be on his nose because it’s roughly the same shape.

“We’re going to store manufactured goods in his ears and up his nose and sell them to each other on the cheap. It can’t fail and I can’t wait to start to be honest”

Olly spoke to us from his home last night and seemed enthusiastic: “I was gutted when we pulled out of the EU, so being given this chance to have a new one constructed on my gigantic dial was a fabulous opportunity and I jumped at it. I suppose I’ll have to learn a few foreign languages now” he joked.

Olly is now appearing at The Orchid Ballroom, Whitechapel, where his face is being used as a temporary car park