Desperate!  Whitechapel residents pictured fleeing from street vendors selling jellied eels last night


The bodies of a family of five from Whitechapel were last night found washed up on a sandbank at Wapping Dock after a desperate bid for a new life in Syria went tragically wrong, The Whelk can reveal.

The mother and father, who can’t be named, had been planning to escape from Whitechapel with their three children for weeks, a family friend told us.

“They were absolutely desperate to get away from the East End” he said “They paid a people smuggler over two thousand pounds to help them  reach the relative safety of Syria. They were planning to start a new life with the kids in Damascus. They were just doing what any caring parent would do

“Plenty of people in Whitechapel share their dream. Only last week, I was thinking about booking a passage on a rubber dinghy for myself and the wife and kids to The Democratic Republic of Congo. Mind you, after this, I don’t think I’ll risk it. I might just move down to Eastbourne or something like that”

This summer has seen a number of similar tragedies, with over twenty  East London families, seeking a new life in the war-torn Middle East, being found washed up at Tilbury Dock and Gravesend.