The persecution of Hamas by the Zionists is SO UNFAIR!

Dear Comrades.

As a militant left-winger who firmly believes in equal rights, pay, and opportunities for all; irrespective of race, religion or gender, I am often asked to give an opinion on the Jews, and my answer is always the same on this one. I don’t like ’em.

I was talking to a friend of mine from the Cuban Junior Revolutionary Socialist Army the other day and he doesn’t like ’em either.

There are people in The Party who want to see me kicked out. They say I’m an anti-Semite and that I’m not nice to know. Some of them even doubt my sanity and call me an extremist. I would like to kill all these people. My friend, Fatty McDonnell, told me he’ll help me with this if I give him a job when I become Prime Minister.

I had a girlfriend once. She was a big, fat, black girl called Diane. She left me because I asked her to sing The Red Flag while I played with my tinkle. I would like to kill her too, and hopefully, when I’m the prime minister, I will.

My mum bought me a new jacket today. She told me it’s made from genuine animal hide. When I told my dad, he laughed and said it’s a donkey jacket. When I’m prime minister I might kill my dad. I think he could be Jewish.

Jeremy is an entirely fictitious character. Any similarity to any current politician, British or otherwise, is purely coincidental…ish.