corbyn indian train

Now, any non-Brits out there won’t have the foggiest idea what the above meme signifies. Let me enlighten you then, my wuffly, ickle foreign swine.

The man photoshopped into the above smudge by our very own and much-loved, Artful Dodger, is Jeremy Corbyn, or ‘Jezza’ as he is known to his Stalinist acolytes. He is a political extremist who has about as much chance of becoming Britain’s next prime minister as my grandma has of being voted “Little Miss Whitechapel Perky Tits 2020”

Yesterday, he was exposed by the media as having lied through his crooked teeth about being unable to find a seat on a London to Newcastle train.

In short ladies and gents, he was caught on CCTV walking through empty carriages in order to find a full one. He then sat cross-legged on the floor, for all the world like some kind of unkempt Gandhi sans nappy, and proceeded to bleat about the parlous state of our rail system and how Uncle Jezza was going to make everything beautiful again for the lumpen proletariat.

In our view, this man is a duplicitous, lying mug who will condemn the working class of Great Britain to at least 20 more years under a right-wing Tory government.  We have, therefore, made the decision to hammer the fucker every single chance we get and then some.

Thank you for giving us this platform to air our views. We hope we’re sending out the right signals and that you’ve managed to follow our train of thought. If not, you can go whistle etc

Now, here’s what his PR team SHOULD have done before condemning their boy to that ‘walk of death’


Corbyn Train Skit Image