Makes you realise just how lucky you are doesn’t it? 😦


italy-earthquake-topper Grim-faced rescue workers survey some of the debris that may have caused a Briton to become dusty.

The Home Office announced last night, that a British national, holidaying in Italy last week, may have become a bit dusty following the huge earthquake that struck the region around the town of Amatrice, killing 284 and with many more reported missing.

In a brief statement, they said: “It is with regret that we must announce that a British national became quite dusty following the earthquake that killed some foreigners on Wednesday. It is believed that dusty debris from some of the fallen buildings was blown onto the British subject’s hair and clothing shortly after the initial quake.

“At this point, it is too early to say whether he had to change his clothes or just brush them down. However, we can reveal that he had to wash his hair back at his…

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