Evenin’ all

Policing our great capital city can be a demanding, and sometimes, an extremely hazardous business; particularly where the control of large crowds is concerned.

Take this weekend’s world famous, Notting Hill Carnival, for example, when thousands of revellers gather to party in the streets, Caribbean style.

Crime can be absolutely rife at the event, with muggings, pickpocketing, drug dealing, and even drunkenness, fairly commonplace.

Only yesterday, myself and a few colleagues were mingling with revellers in Ladbroke Grove when I spotted that a door on a nearby off-licence had been forced during a break-in.

Acting on a copper’s pure instinct, I sent my colleagues over to deal with a bloke who was threatening a young woman at knifepoint while I entered the premises and got stuck into a case of Skol Super Strength until I was sick down my uniform.

Evenin’ all.

PC Ted is General Secretary of The Metropolitan Home Brew Federation