This is a snap of us holidaying in Lambeth Palace Road last year. The editor’s the gay-looking dude with the small packet.


It’s been a gruelling last couple of days for the intrepid team of satirists at Whelk Towers, so we’re having a fortnight in Bermondsey to recharge our batteries.

We’ve had to leave, Mrs Bastard, the office cat, behind as he won’t go south of the river. So, if you’re passing the offices and you hear the plaintive mewling of a starving moggie, just shout through the letter box and tell him to shut the fuck up.

Right, we’ll see you in 2 weeks then ladies and gents. Hasta la vista 😀

Editor – Have you turned the gas off?

Artful Dodger – Yeah, I showed it a picture of you with no togs on.

Editor – !!!!!