CHANNEL 5 18.15: Now That’s Funny. – Entertaining fly-on-the-wall documentary which features footage of Simon Cowell suffering a crippling bout of diarrhoea and sickness on a crowded beach, and of Donald Trump being run over by a spiked steamroller…twice.

MORE 4 21.00: Hitler: The Rise and Fall – Fact-based drama chronicling the events of 21 August 1944 when the beleaguered Fuhrer got up to turn the television over and tripped over Eva Braun’s handbag

TCM 21.00: The Big Red One. – A biopic based on the life of porn movie legend, John Holmes. Includes the famous scene in which Holmes cavorts with two female ‘estate agents’ in a rundown property and gets his penis caught in a mouse trap.

QUEST 21.00: World’s Biggest Shipbuilders – Roly Poly Radio London host, Vanessa Feltz, gets a job as a riveter in a Glasgow shipyard