olly meme
A furious Murs pictured earlier


The management team of pop icon, Olly Murs, has told The Whitechapel Whelk that the star pulled out of performing at the Manchester Olympic and Paralympic parade last Monday after overhearing a parade organiser making fun of his big face at a fundraising dinner the night before the event.

It was previously thought that Murs had pulled out in a row about a late set change, but a spokesman for Murs’ team confirmed that the Heart Skips A Beat singer withdrew after he heard a Manchester city councillor call him ‘a moon-faced git’ while chatting to some friends at the bar in City Hall.

“Olly was disgusted by the remarks this individual made about his big face and decided to pull out of the show,” the spokesman told us. “Olly is fully aware that his fans will have been disappointed by his decision, but he felt that he was left with no choice after his big face was highlighted in such a crass and hurtful manner. Olly gives freely of his time to perform at events like this and the last thing he needs is for people to be making fun of his massive dial”

This is not the first time that Murs’ huge face has been the butt of cruel jokes. In May of last year, Murs stormed angrily from a party being held at the home of pop diva, Adele, after she asked him to lie down in the driveway so that a wealthy guest would have somewhere to land his helicopter.