Family and friends have expressed deep concern for reality TV icon, Kim Kardashian, after the troubled star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, was reportedly seen actually doing something on a number of  occasions last week.

According to close friends and family members, Kim, who recently suffered an ordeal at the hands of armed raiders at her home in Paris, has allegedly been spotted looking purposeful and has reportedly done something shortly afterwards.

One family friend, who asked not to be named, told us: “We’re all so worried about her. I have now personally seen her doing something on three different occasions. Her mom and dad are sick with worry about this and so are the rest of the family. If she keeps doing something on this sort of scale, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she were checked in for therapy, to be honest”

A spokesperson for Kim’s agent issued a statement last night: “While Kim has been under a lot of pressure lately, these wicked rumours that she has been doing something are unfounded and totally false.

“Kim’s reputation and widespread popularity are founded on a firm bedrock of complete indolence and a lavish and vacuous lifestyle. I can report that there has been no deviation from this behaviour on her part whatsoever and that’s the way it will no doubt continue.

“If these rumours persist Kim will be taking legal action. Although obviously, she won’t be taking it herself, she’ll get someone to do it for her”

As if to reinforce this point, her agency last night released recent photographs depicting Kim lying on a sun lounger with her breasts pointing skyward at an extremely unlikely angle, and also a few showing her walking along a red carpet at a movie premier, looking gormless and with the cheeks of her arse on display.