Oopsy! An SAS soldier pictured during the infamous storming of Coronation Street in 1978



In a tragic case of mistaken identity, soldiers from Britain’s crack Special Air Service regiment have killed the participants and film crew of the TV survival show, SAS Who Dares Wins, while the regiment were on a training exercise in The Brecon Beacons in Wales.

The elite troop of six men stumbled on the unfortunate group on Sunday night as they were making camp in a clearing. It is understood that the SAS men immediately opened fire, killing everyone apart from a makeup girl who was taken prisoner and ordered to get the kettle on for a brew.

A spokesman for the regiment told The Whitechapel Whelk: “Apparently, a few of the lads came across these characters during an exercise and hosed them down. They probably mistook them for infiltrating ragheads from ISIS, or possibly a troop of Russkie special forces on a spying mission.

“It’s always a bit unfortunate when this sort of thing happens but that’s the fog of war for you. Anyway, it’s not too much skin off our noses as the lads always watch The Great British Bake-Off or Homes Under The Hammer when that’s on.”

It is understood that opposition leader, Jeremy Corbyn, will raise the issue and demand answers on how the incident could have occurred in The House of Commons today but that nobody will take much notice.