There was consternation and outrage amongst prisoner’s rights campaigners last night as news emerged that a condemned man at The Indiana State Prison had been left in standby mode for 10 minutes just prior to his execution in the electric chair while the executioner went to the toilet.

Prison governor, Jim Garfield, 63, told us: “While it’s true that a death row inmate was left with a small amount of current running through him while one of my officers took a comfort break, the prisoner was in no real danger and I’m satisfied that his human rights were not breached in any way”.

The officer concerned, Hal Bernstein 34, defended his actions last night, “Yes I left the inmate with roughly a third of the lethal voltage passing through him but I was absolutely breaking my neck for a dump. I tried to hold it back but I was almost touching cloth, so I put the guy on standby. At the end of the day, I didn’t want to keep the state witnesses waiting in the viewing bay with nothing to look at. It’s not as if I let the sonofabitch off or anything”

This is not the first time there has been a ‘Death House’ controversy at this particular correctional facility. In July 1987, the Governor was censured and fined for boost charging his car battery with current from ‘Old Sparky’ during the execution of a 23-year-old murderer and rapist from Fort Wayne.