Mr Dell’s holiday hotel pictured looking all innocent yesterday


A 61-year-old man from Whitechapel has died in hospital after being killed by a balcony which fell from his hotel in Playa Del Ingles on the holiday isle of Gran Canaria yesterday.

Mr Danny Dell, a mechanic and father of 9, was returning to his hotel in the early hours of Monday morning when the balcony plummeted from the 12th floor of the building and struck Mr Dell, killing him instantly.

His younger brother, Toby, 57, was with him when the tragedy occurred.

“The poor sod didn’t stand a chance,” he told The Whitechapel Whelk. “It hit him so hard, that when the fire brigade boys pulled it off him, you could see the shape of his body in the concrete like you get in cartoons”

A spokesman for the hotel, the Vista Del Mar, said last night:

“It’s always a bit unfortunate when this sort of thing happens, but at least it makes a change from us having to scrape Brits off the concrete after they’ve fallen from their rooms after a skinful in the bar. It’s actually quite ironic when you think about it”

The hotel has now issued all guests with hard hats and told them to look up before entering the foyer.