Careworn. Johnson pictured yesterday before he climbed a tree this morning.

In the last hour, it has been reported that Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, has climbed a tree in Victoria Park in East London and is refusing to come down despite entreaties from Prime Minister, Theresa May and The Speaker of The House of Commons, John Berkow who are at the scene.

Johnson was seen climbing the tree at around 6.00am this morning by a number of people on their way to work. One of them, Mr Toby Dell, 50, a JCB driver told The Whelk:

“I was standing at the bus stop when I saw Boris climbing the tree. It was quite dark but I could see it was him by his white hair and the fact that his shirt was hanging out.

“I called out to him and told him to come down but he told me to fuck off”

Fire crews are now on the scene and are attempting to entice him down with a saucer of vintage Krug and some petits fours.

More as we get it.