A Whitechapel man who was captured bowling a gutter ball in the background of a BBC news report filmed at a bowling alley has reportedly taken his own life following jibes from family and friends.

A neighbour of the man, who lived in Commercial Road, told The Whelk: “He took it pretty hard after his family took the piss out of him over the bowling thing.

“He was filmed when the Mayor of London came to visit the local sports centre. It went out on BBC London News that night and would have been seen by millions.

“I must admit, even I gave him a hard time about it. I mean to say, imagine bowling a gutter ball on telly like that. No wonder he hanged himself.”

This is the second tragedy in the area in a week and follows the suicide of a 19-year-old girl who threw herself in front of a train after being filmed falling down a manhole in Plaistow in the background of a piece to camera about jihadi brides by Katya Adler from BBC World.