Artist’s impression of how the killer driver may have looked just days before the tragic incident

The driver of the South London tram that careered from the rails two weeks ago, killing 7 and injuring 50 more, was under the spotlight last night as a female witness came forward, claiming that the man may have fallen asleep in bed just days before the tragic incident occurred.

Mrs Tracy Dell, 57, and the live-in partner of the killer driver, wept as she told us: “About 3 days before that terrible incident, we watched television together until about 10pm and then went to bed.

“It was while he was lying next to me that I noticed he was becoming drowsy. His eyes were definitely closed and he was breathing quite deeply.

“Realising that there was no time to lose, I quickly shook him hard by the shoulders, whereupon he started violently and stared at me in a quizzical manner.

“I felt shaken after that and spent the remainder of the night in the spare room in case he started nodding off again. I finished with him the following morning, knowing I could never trust him again”

This shock revelation comes just days after one of the murderous driver’s children claimed to have seen the man having a glass of sherry with his Christmas dinner in 1997.

Mrs Dell has requested that her entire fee for this interview be placed in her bank account without delay.