Savagery: Chess louts clash at last night’s final


from our Stanley knife and black eye correspondent, Danny SoZ

There were chaotic scenes following the World Chess Championship final in Manhatten last night when supporters of both finalists clashed following a thrilling victory by Norway’s Magnus Carlsen over his Russian rival, Sergey Karjakin.

Police moved in with dogs as missiles were hurled by both sets of warring supporters and fighting spilled over onto the board.

Tension between the rival fans had threatened to boil over earlier when Carlsen supporters hurled racist insults at Karjakin, who was using black chess pieces.

At one point, a banana was thrown onto the board, knocking one of the Russian’s bishops over.

As the final buzzer sounded, jubilant Carlsen fans taunted their rivals, who responded by ripping up and hurling tiles from the hotel floor at their tormentors, prompting the Norwegians to charge en-masse into the Russian end.

27 people were treated in hospital last night, including 6 police officers and over 100 arrests were made on a night of savagery and disorder, which one shocked tournament official described as being more in keeping with a Donald Trump rally in Alabama.