Some southerners pictured earlier, their faces etched with concern as they ponder the fate of storm-ravagedΒ  northerners


from our meteorological and mushy peas correspondent, Danny SoZ

Millions of worried Brits living south of Watford are grimly preparing for a short spell of feeling sorry for people in the north of the country who have been badly affected by Storm Barbara, which is due to hit those regions, later on today.

If the worst case scenario comes about and people in the north have their homes flooded by rising river levels or damaged by high winds, resulting in them having to spend the Christmas period in temporary accommodation, it could be the most worrying time for people in London and the Home Counties since they found themselves feeling marginally sorry for a number of people in Aberystwyth who had their homes destroyed by high tides and storms in October 2014

The Met Office issued an amber warning last night urging people in the south not to listen to the news during the next 48 hours in case reports of storm damage to northern homes cause periodic outbreaks of half-hearted sympathy for northerners and even for affected people living in Scotland.