He’s not wrong there folks.


It’s been announced that 6 young patients from The Great Ormond Street Hospital For Sick Children in London, will be taking gifts round to the home of beleaguered Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, on Christmas Day in a bid to bring him some cheer and comfort during the festive season.

A spokesperson for the hospital said last night: “Some of these children are very poorly indeed, but when they saw news footage of Mr Corbyn getting hammered by Theresa May during Prime Minister’s Question Time the other day it made them realise they have much to be thankful for.

“Some of the kiddies have also been extremely upset by the recent attacks on him in the right-wing press who have labelled him a commie, an anti-Semite, a Hamas sympathiser and an IRA poodle.

“It made them realise just how fortunate they are not to have the Murdoch press on their case or to have to address The House of Commons with a few hundred Tory MPs waving their ballot papers, shouting “resign” and taking the piss out of their clothes.

“We have therefore decided to take 6 of our little ones to visit Mr Corbyn on Christmas Day as a gesture of compassion and goodwill.

“Once there, they will give him some small gifts and sing some carols, which will hopefully make him feel better about things at this festive time of year

“In keeping with Mr Corbyn’s inclusive politics, we have chosen children of all ethnicities and religions for the visit, although we did deliberately leave out any Jewish ones in case he starts giving them a hard time over the occupied territories in Gaza and The West Bank.”