A London bus pictured in the olden days with no Muslims on it.


A 45-year-old Muslim from East London was ejected from a bus yesterday after fellow passengers reported him to the driver for blinking in a suspicious manner.

Muhammad al-Grahadi, an insurance loss adjuster from Whitechapel, told us last night: “I was absolutely gob-smacked when the driver asked me to get off the bus. He told me I had been blinking in a shifty and threatening manner and that I was upsetting the other passengers.

“I offered to close my eyes for the rest of the journey, but he was adamant and told me to get off or he’d call the police. I ended up getting in an hour late and missing the start of Coronation Street”

This latest incident comes just 3 days after an Iranian-born woman from nearby Shoreditch was tasered repeatedly on the concourse at Victoria Station after police officers claimed to have mistaken her umbrella for a rocket-propelled grenade launcher.