An internet pressure group, calling themselves, Brytish Buldogs Furst, are calling for a ban on all foreign breeds of dog in the United Kingdom following an incident at the weekend when a 57-year-old white woman from Whitechapel was bitten on the ankle by a French Poodle while taking an evening stroll in a local park.

A spokesman for the group issued The Whitechapel Whelk with a briefly worded statement written in green crayon:

“We at Britysh Bludogs Frist demarnd that awl the forren dogs ar roundid up and kylled until ownly Breetish Buldogz ar left. This cuntree is awlready two full ov owr own dogz wot was born here and we dont want immygrunt dogs cumming ovr hear and byting white peeple inn the street. Blulldogz arr owr herrytage and wee will fite to mayke shure no uvver dogz cum ere. Them wots already ere will be captchured and shot wiv guns until theirs nun left”

An angry crowd of Buldogs Furst supporters have already staged a rally outside Battersea Dog’s Home in London, where they are calling for the execution of all foreign breeds housed in the facility, and for the arrest and internment without trial of celebrity dog lover and female impersonator, Paul O’ Grady.