bat can & rob tin meme

It was a chill January afternoon in Whitechapel, East London. A nagging north wind tugged at the clothes of Mr Patel as he loaded his small van with goods from the cash and carry.

Among them were the staunch, crime-busting duo, Bat Can and his youthful ward, Rob Tin, who were on a cellophane-wrapped pallet at the back of the van.

They were vigilant and uneasy, aware that a number of audacious robberies had been committed in the area over recent weeks.

Suddenly, and without warning, all hell broke loose. Mr Patel was coshed from behind and fell heavily to the ground as two masked men began snatching the goods from the van and transferring them into the back of a large, white Ford Transit.

The two ace crime fighters knew there was no time to lose if the fiends were to be stopped from escaping with their valuable booty. Steeling themselves, and with every sinew stretched to breaking point, the intrepid duo prepared to spring into action.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that they are tins of beans, they were utterly powerless to do anything and had to remain entirely motionless on the pallet as they were bundled into the back of the raider’s vehicle before being driven away at speed.

Will our heroes escape the clutches of these lawless felons or are they doomed to be sold at half price in a seedy East End market and used in a curry?

Tune in next month to discover their fate! Same bean time! Same bean channel!