Some undesirable Facebook friends pictured in the olden days


We at Whelk Technology are proud to bring you the latest innovation that will search your Facebook friends list for right-wing extremists before automatically unfriending them.

The Bigot-Away is 100% effective in dealing with all types of neo-fascists and other unpleasant right-wingers, including:

UKIP supporters
People who share Britain First memes on your timeline
People who claim that we have ‘taken back control’
Trump apologists
Katie Hopkins fans
People who think that Nigel Farage is “just like one of us” and would be “good company down the pub.”

Each Bigot-Away comes with a free car bumper sticker and a handy guide on how to discover if your partner is a swivel-eyed, homophobe, a misogynist, or a racist crank.

Order yours now to avoid not getting one.

STATEMENT: I am a fair-minded and sensible centre-leftist who is sick to the back teeth of discovering that some of my Facebook friends are closet Nazis and will cheerfully do whatever’s necessary to fuck them off out of it for good. Signed…

Coming soon: The Corbyn-Mate: Cleanses your social media sites of weedy, closet Brexiteers, anti-Semites, and people who tell lies about trains.