Mr Dell pictured in front of a roaring log fire last night


from our political editor and wrapping up warm correspondent, Danny SoZ

A 45-year-old Whitechapel man, who describes himself as an “activist” and as someone who has fought against injustice all his life, has told The Whitechapel Whelk that he plans to join the forthcoming anti-Donald Trump rally in London, if it’s not raining or “as long as it’s not too chilly”

Tobias Dell, a forklift truck driver in a local branch of B&Q, told us: “I’ve always been an activist and someone who fights injustice at every turn. I see it as my duty as a member of the human race to sacrifice myself on the altar of decency, fair play, and human rights for all.

I will, therefore, have a look out of the window on the day of the rally, and if it’s a dry one and not too chilly, I’ll probably have a little wander down to the rallying point, as long as it’s not too far.

“I mean, I’m not going traipsing all the way to North London or anywhere south of the river. Especially if it’s a bit nippy”

Mr Dell went on to tell us that he has also very nearly attended some of the most famous political rallies that this country has seen in recent years: “I was going to go to the demonstration against the Vietnam war in Grovesnor Square in 1969, but it was a bit too hot.

“Then there was the 1972 mass rally in Trafalgar Square against Mrs Thatcher’s scrapping of free milk for schoolchildren. I was all set for that one but I decided to stay at home right at the last minute as I could feel a bit of a cold coming on and there was some drizzle forecast for the afternoon.”

When we told Mr Dell that the long-range forecast predicted mild and sunny weather on the day of the march, he bristled and replied “Long-range forecast? Don’t make me laugh. I bet you any money it will be pissing down or quite chilly.

“I can see myself ending up having to cheer the marchers on from in front of the telly. You mark my words”