Swamp People - Season 3
Disillusioned: Mr Jackson-Ahern and his sister, Betsy-May, pictured yesterday in their swamp

Swamp-dwellers in the United States have expressed their concern, over what they see as the inordinate amount of time it is taking for the draining process – which was promised by President Trump in his campaign speeches – to take place.

Residents in and around the Louisiana bayou region are particularly perturbed by the lack of draining that has taken place in swampy areas close to their homes; with many people beginning to regret voting for Mr Trump back in November of last year

One man, Billy Bob Jackson-Ahern, 93, told us last night: “It just ain’t right what the president’s doing. He told us swamp folks that he was gonna drain the swamp and he ain’t done it. If anything, the swamp close to my house has gotten even swampier since he done came to power.

“It seems to me that he’s so all-fired up about beatin’ on Muslim folks and judges that he’s forgotten us swamp-dwellers and it just ain’t good enough.

“If I had my votin’ time again I’d vote for that other guy, Bernie Sanders. He looks like a man you can trust and he makes some mighty fine fried chicken wings too”

A furious President Trump hit back at the criticism last night: “At no point did I promise to drain any so-called swamps. These so-called swamp-dwellers need to keep quiet. These are bad hombres who are hellbent on disobeying the will of both myself and the 99.99 percent of this country who voted for me

“What’s more, instead of whining about so-called swamp draining, they need to show some respect for all those poor dead folks that were massacred by Muslims on that so-called bowling green the other day.

“These so-called swamp folks are bad, bad dudes and something will be done about them, believe me”

Source:  The Louisiana Banjo-Dueling and Gator-Wrestlin’ Tribune