Corbyn pictured reflecting on his political future last night


Labour Party leader,  Jeremy Corbyn, has told The Whitechapel Whelk that should the United States President, Donald Trump, arrive on these shores for a state visit in the summer, he will abandon his pacifist principles and flick the president’s ear if given the opportunity to do so.

Corbyn told our political editor, Danny SoZ, “I abhor Mr Trump and everything he stands for. As far as I’m concerned he’s nothing more than a textbook fascist.

“I’m not a violent man normally, but if I encounter Mr Trump at a state function I will not hesitate to go up behind him and flick his ear.

“If he becomes violent as a result I am convinced I could outrun him. He’s a large chap but he looks very out of condition, whereas I’m in excellent physical shape due to all my cycling and from all that running away from reporters outside my house”

If Mr Corbyn carries out his threat it will be the second time the mild-mannered left-winger has been involved in a physical confrontation with a visiting head of state.

In 1973, while still a backbencher, Corbyn was called to order by The Speaker of The House of Commons for firing a peashooter at the back of President Robert Mugabe’s head during a parliamentary address by the newly appointed Zimbabwean leader.