Rival model train thugs square up to each other during last year’s bloody festival

The controversial, British Festival of Railway Modeling, held this year in Doncaster, has reportedly passed off without any reports of violent incidents.

A Yorkshire Police spokesman told The Whelk: “Due to a large police presence and tightened security we can announce that the festival was largely trouble free, with just 3 arrests being made; 2 for drunk and disorderly and 1 for indecent exposure.”

Model train enthusiasts across the country will be breathing a sigh of relief at the news, following last year’s disorder at the event when 5 people were killed and 23 people were taken to hospital after fierce fighting broke out between rival thugs from the Great Western Railway Clockwork Crew and the notorious East London model train enthusiasts, The Hornby Mob.

Source – The Flying Fist Scotsman