Saucy. Some scantily clad Moomins pictured trying to look all innocent last night


from our sexual health and funny little fat fuckers editor, Danny SoZ

According to a recent study, people with sexual problems could be cured by watching a few back-to-back episodes of the children’s cartoon series, The Moomins.

The Institute for Sexual Health, based in Reykjavik, found that men with erectile dysfunction and women suffering from vaginismus and loss of libido reported excellent results after just a week’s exposure to the portly cartoon characters.

One man, Toby Dell, 33, from Whitechapel in East London told The Whelk; “I was in despair until I started watching The Moomins. My wife couldn’t understand why I was unable to perform in bed. She thought I didn’t find her attractive. She even accused me of having an affair.

“Now, thanks to The Moomins, our love life is better than ever and the smile is back on my wife’s face again. I can’t thank The Moomins enough to be honest with you.”

Scientists involved in the study believe that the key lies in the fact that The Moomins are from Sweden, a country that is almost synonymous with sexual freedom and eroticism.

Professor Mary Tracy who led the pioneering study told us: “We believe it’s partly due to the Swedish factor, but it’s also our opinion that it’s down to the fact that The Moomins are always in the nude. This makes people pretty horny and invariably gets them going at it full pelt”

These findings mirror a similar study conducted in 1969 which found that men and women who watched Ivor The Engine twice a week were statistically far less likely to suffer from premature ejaculation and vaginal dryness respectively.