pilchard-spittlejohn1 trump-impeach-meme

This week, the perma-angry, right wing bigoted journalist interviews the 45th President Of The United States, Donald Trump.

PS: Mr President, people on the far left accuse you of being a fascist and a dullard. How would you answer that accusation?

DT: Are you from the BBC my friend?

PS: No sir, I’m an independent journalist, although I did once host a radio phone-in on BBC Radio 5 in the late 1990s

DT: Oh boy! Another beauty!…Sean! Get this limey fuck outta here would ya?

PS: But Mr President, I was just going to ask you to put the record straight on the uranium issue. You expressed some concern over its distribution in your press conference on Thursday.

DT: What’s to put straight fer chrissake? Uranium is a piece of rock that can be nuclear and can be so bad if it gets into the wrong hands, and I’m talking about Hillary’s hands now.

She owns 95% of the world’s uranium and is already planning on selling it to that North Korea dude, Kim something-or-other.

Listen my limey friend, if she had won the election instead of me we’d all be dead by now. All the Americans and all the limeys. So dead. Fortunately, I won with a yuuuuge majority, so everything is beautiful and running like a finely-tooned machine.

PS: I hear you Mr President and I couldn’t agree more.

Mr President, you have been accused of misogyny, racism and homophobia. How do you respond to these allegations?

DT: Listen, you limey fag. You are skating on very thin ice now, but let me answer that before I have you tossed out of the building. Nobody, and I mean nobody, respects blacks and women more than me. I mean to say, look at that Beyonce. What a fine piece of ass she is my fag friend. I gotta tell ya, I would grab some of that pussy and I would grab it bigly.

PS: I hear you sir and I wouldn’t blame you if you did. Lastly, can I just ask about your tax returns? Do you intend to make them public at some poi…

DT: SEAN! I thought I told you to get this asshole outta here!

Pilchard Spittlejohn is the gardening correspondent of  Popular Gas Chamber Monthly