The President shows newsmen some of the fancy gunplay he learned while fighting the Commies in ‘nam


Under fire United States President, Donald Trump, has hit back at critics who claim that he dodged the draft during the Vietnam war in the 1960s, by revealing that he was not only a combatant for a 7-year period, but that he was a member of the elite, Green Berets, and that he spent his entire involvement in the conflict behind enemy lines engaged in perilous covert missions.

Trump also claims that he personally killed “at least 300” Vietcong guerillas when he stumbled upon an enemy position deep in the jungle.

Speaking to Breitbart News, Trump said: “People assume that I dodged the draft on the strength of a spurious claim that I had a bone spur in my foot, and that I spent the war living high on the hog in nightclubs and casinos while my countrymen were dying in their thousands.

“However, nothing could be further from the truth. In actual fact, I was a Green Beret who risked capture, torture, and death on a daily basis as I carried out mission after suicide mission, often 2 or 3 times a day.

“I well remember one occasion in ’63, when I stumbled on an entire VC military headquarters deep in the jungle in Laos.

“Without a thought for my own safety, I went in there armed only with a Bowie knife and took out over 300 enemy combatants single-handed.

“They wanted to award me a Purple Heart for that one, but I turned it down because I didn’t want a bigly fuss made about it.”

Trump’s claim comes just a week after the beleaguered leader of the far-right, United Kingdom Independence Party, Paul Nuttall, announced on his website that he had “slotted over 500 Argies” during the Battle of Goose Green in the Falklands War in 1982, saving a number of “very dear and close comrades-in-arms” in the process.