Great British Bake Off legends, Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood, have told The Whitechapel Whelk that they have romped naked in front of the cameras for the movie spin-off of their smash hit TV show.

Mary, 103, told us: “It’s pretty racy stuff and very far removed from the usual friendly banter that Paul and I normally share on Bake Off.

“At one point he grabs me roughly from behind while we’re judging some scones in the tent and gives me a vicious back scuttling over one of the ovens. He really goes at it full pelt to be fair to him.

“In another scene, he gets me to nosh him off under the table while he’s commenting on one of the contestant’s show bakes.

“Paul, 75, revealed: “Of course, it’s only simulated sex, but Mary’s a very attractive woman and I’m only human at the end of the day, so I did get a bit of a lazy lob on in the oral scene, and when we were shooting the tent footage, where I was supposed to be giving her the good news from behind, I don’t mind admitting I was sporting a real diamond-cutter”

The movie goes on general release this summer and is expected to be a tremendous hit with cake-making enthusiasts and hardcore grumble movie fans alike.