From our showbiz and silly sausages correspondent, Danny SoZ

A recent poll conducted among a cross-section of well-known actors and musicians has found that almost all of those questioned had a pretty ambivalent attitude towards posthumous Facebook tributes, with the vast majority claiming that they couldn’t care less.

During 2016, when so many well-known stars passed away, it became almost de riguer for Facebookers to research the life and career of the latest casualty on Wikipedia before posting it on their status; often accompanying it with a desperate, mournful mien, akin to that of someone who had just witnessed their granny being cut down in a hail of bullets before their eyes.

However, this latest study shows that, by and large, these ‘professional mourners’ are wasting their time and are doing the objects of their grief no favours at all.

One famous rock star we spoke to, told us, “When you’re dead you’re dead, man. If some prize asshole wants to bore the living shit out of their friends list by changing their avatar and carrying on like somebody just wasted their mom, then hey, it’s their business I guess, but it sure ain’t gonna bring nobody back man”

This news will no doubt upset many of the virtue-signalling types who firmly believe that a public display of profound loss for a total stranger on social media is the way forward, while those who find it all utterly ridiculous will undoubtedly feel a deep sense of inner peace and satisfaction.