International Rescue boffin, Brains, last night confirmed what many people have been thinking when he told a conference of eminent scientists that the world is “in deep shit”

The widely-respected egghead told The International Science Convention: “There can no longer be any doubt that the world is now in very deep shit indeed.

“I knew things were starting to go a bit pear-shaped when the limeys voted to quit the EU. However, now that Trump’s in The White House surrounded by a bunch of psychotic hoods and billionaire chancers, it’s become increasingly clear that the whole damn planet is going to hell in a freaking handcart.

“I’m telling you guys that I haven’t been this worried since the booster rockets on Thunderbird 3 failed and Alan was on a direct course with the sun.

“Basically, we’re all screwed and there’s not a damn thing anyone can do about it. Not even Thunderbird 2 containing the pod with The Mole in it can dig us out of this doo doo”

Last night, Captain Troy Tempest out of Stingray, grimly backed up the Thunderbirds man: “Yep” he said “We’re totally fucked alright”