Skinner firmly denied chimping Jeremy Corbyn last night


From our political and soft-shoe shuffle editor, Danny “Twinkletoes” SoZ

Following the Tom Watson ‘dabbing’ furore after last week’s Prime Minister’s Question Time, when the deputy Labour Party leader was accused of executing a contemporary dance move during the debate, there was further conjecture among MPs yesterday as to whether, Labour Member of Parliament, Denis Skinner, briefly performed a few steps from the 1980’s dance craze, The Funky Gibbon, just as opposition leader, Jeremy Corbyn, finished questioning Prime Minister, Theresa May, on the state of the NHS during yesterday’s Prime Minister’s Question Time.

Video footage shows the left-wing firebrand, nicknamed, The Beast of Bolsover, strutting up and down the House of Commons aisle, occasionally bending at the knees and thrusting his fingers under his armpits in an apelike fashion just as Corbyn resumed his seat.

If Skinner is found to be guilty of inappropriate conduct he could be suspended from PMQs for a period of two weeks, mirroring the punitive action taken against the late Margaret Thatcher, who was censured and banned for 10 days by The House for performing The Locomotion during a speech on the privatisation of the railways given by then Deputy PM, Sir William Whitelaw.